01 Apr

Job ad: Assistant Professor in Geography at the University of Canterbury, NZ

Hi all,
The University of Canterbury is advertising for a Lecturer (USA equivalent of Assistant Professor) in Geography. The department will soon become the School of Earth and Environment. So the department is very broad, so send an application 🙂
Some examples of what they’re looking for include: quantitative health geography, GIS, transport and urban development.

02 Oct

Two Guides for Remote Sensing Tools for Social Scientists

The NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) just released a useful guide to tools that facilitate the use of remote sensing data in social science research. It comes with a couple of thematic examples that are useful illustrations of the sorts of things you can do. Pretty useful!


30 Apr

Starting the MUSE Feed


This is the first post of the MUSE feed. Here we hope to hear from everyone in the UM community about research and social related events and news for UM sustainability scholars.