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    MUSE Workshops Winter 2024

    This year, MUSE is enthusiastic to hold our new workshop series to foster a multidisciplinary community of graduate scholars working on sustainability and the environment.

    Under this theme, we will host workshops that facilitate the types of connections needed for multidisciplinary sustainability and environment research. These could be social gatherings that allow members to get to know each other, events focused on showcasing exemplar research and scholarship, a writing retreat, and lightning talks. We intend for this pivot to help MUSE connect with new members of our intellectual community, and to lower barriers for entry and engagement with the MUSE Initiative. Following several years of success, our hope is that modifying our plan for MUSE this year will help the initiative garner even more enthusiasm and reach even greater heights.

    This year’s MUSE Workshop Series is supported by a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop award. Mallika Kothari (, Tim Muhich ( Chandler Sachs ( and Charlotte Sedlock ( are co-coordinators. 


    DateWorkshop contentModality
    January 23rdInterdisciplinary SpeakerIn-person
    February 27thLightening Talks From MUSE Members, Vote On Book Club SelectionIn-person
    March 11thBook Club DiscusionIn-person
    March 23rd - 24thWriting Retreat (More Details to Come!)In-person
    April 16thInterdisciplinary Guest SpeakerIn-person

    Bringing together emerging sustainability scholars university-wide to discuss the latest research and share ideas

    Our workshops bring together an interdisciplinary group of sustainability-oriented graduate students to provide a space for stimulating intellectual conversation, applying new skills and receiving feedback on one’s own work, and broadening knowledge and perspectives. The workshops also provide a space for developing interdisciplinary collaborations and social connections with like-minded graduate students.