23 Apr

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18 Oct

“Ecological Grief”, Climate Cash, and Welcoming a Climate Emergency

The September 17 2019 issue of Nature features a couple of fascinating articles on climate change.

– An article about the “ecological grief” experienced by scientists witnessing the decline of the Great Barrier Reef: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02656-8

– A detailed look at where funding for mitigating and adapting climate change is coming from and going to: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02712-3

– An infographic with “The Hard Truths of Climate Change”: https://www.nature.com/immersive/d41586-019-02711-4/public/pdf/d41586-019-02711-4.pdf

– An editorial Paul Gilding (former director of Greenpeace) on why he is optimistic that, once we experience a climate emergency, governments will get serious about addressing climate change: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02735-w

09 Jun

Track-changes on Climate Science Testimony by Climate Skeptics

Fascinating to read what William Happer, the White House science advisor, objected to in a State department analyst’s testimony about the national security implications of climate change. It’s a chance to see a whole bunch of the arguments climate skeptics use and see exactly where it diverges from mainstream science.

NYTimes articles about the White House’s attempts to stop the testimony here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/08/climate/rod-schoonover-testimony.html?emc=rss&partner=rss

02 Oct

[SHORT DEADLINE] MI seeking volunteers for rewriting K-12 social studies standards – Apply by Wednesday 10/3 at NOON

The state of Michigan is seeking volunteers to help in rewriting the K-12 Social Studies standards. The current standards diminish several important historical events including the civil rights movement and delete mentions of climate change altogether. The state Department of Education is looking for about 100 volunteers to help review public comments and revise the proposed standards accordingly, but they have proposed an extremely tight turnaround: The call went out yesterday (10/1) and applications are due TOMORROW (10/3) by noon. They are looking in part for researchers and education experts, which includes many of us in the MUSE network.

Here is an article about these proposed changes and positions sought:


And the application form is here: https://fs28.formsite.com/pf98Hd/form13/index.html

28 Sep

Recent opportunities related to environment and climate

A great newsletter of climate related jobs is run by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. See below for some recent openings: The list is titled “Climate Change Job Vacancies Update” and you can sign up for the newsletter if interested (note you’ll have to pick it out of the list by unchecking the other newsletters/updates-, or sign up for other updates if you like!).
Sign up link:http://enb.iisd.org/email/subscribe/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2018-09-26%20-%20CCJV%20Update%20AE&utm_content=2018-09-26%20-%20CCJV%20Update%20AE+CID_22da2dd7287e84111de3c86af81847c8&utm_source=cm&utm_term=IISD%20Community

Some recent openings from the newsletter:

Researcher (Applied Economics Clinic)

Research Assistant / Internship Program (Applied Economics Clinic)

Energy – Policy Consultant, Home-Based (International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Project Manager Energy Transitions (Agora Energiewende)

Associate Fellow Science-Policy Interface (Center for Climate and Resilience Research)

Call for applications: (CR)2 Associate Fellow (Science-Policy Interface, with focus on climate change policy in Latin America)

Associate Fellow Science-Coastal Oceanography (Center for Climate and Resilience Research)

Call for applications: (CR)2 Associate Fellow (Coastal Oceanography focused on air-sea interactions along the Chilean coast)

Senior Editor, Environmental Science and Sustainability (Elsevier)

08 Sep

Opportunity to join an interdisciplinary sustainability project at U-M!

Hi all, I’m posting to share an international development/sustainability project at U-M that is looking to recruit new collaborators for this year. The interdisciplinary nature of our project and our team is very much in keeping with the MUSE Initiative’s emphasis on fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, so this is an opportunity to get involved in an already existing sustainability project!

The Sustainability Without Borders China team is an interdisciplinary student-run research team working with a local pig farmer in China to: 1) implement new, cost-effective waste management systems and 2) collect survey data on local community members’ perceptions and attitudes toward pig farming.

Last year our team received a $5000 Dow Distinguished seed grant for our interdisciplinary work, and current team members include grad students from SEAS, Engineering, and Psychology. Each year several team members are funded to travel to China and do on-site work with our local partner.

Anyone who has a background or interest in waste management solutions & research is welcome, and we welcome both undergraduate and graduate team members! We are particularly looking for team members who have Chinese language experience, but this is a bonus NOT a must!

Please contact jdliao@umich.edu and lixiliu@umich.edu if you’re interested or to ask us any questions!

25 Jun

A matter of national security?

Interesting perspective on military recognizing climate change

11 May

China’s Huge Bike Graveyards

The BBC just posted a video of China’s huge bike “graveyards” – where bikes from the dozens of competing bikeshare companies are impounded after being illegally parked. Pretty incredible drone footage!


02 May

Sea level in Florida

Note the comment about Southern Florida being underwater within 80years…