29 Oct

January ’19 Conference Opportunity: Women in Mathematics and Public Policy

The application is open for the Women in Mathematics and Public Policy Conference until November 19th. The application is open to graduate students and researchers working in STEM and Policy.
The conference will take place from January 22-25 2019 in Los Angeles.

This year’s conference “designed to bring together women in mathematics, science, engineering, and policy to work on pressing research topics in the fields of cybersecurity and climate change.”

The conference will include on-site group projects such as:
Cybersecurity projects: differential privacy, modeling risk triage, mobile digital forensics.
Climate change projects: changing weather extremes, statistical downscaling of climate projections, decadal ocean predictions, and LA groundwater contamination.

Keynote lectures will be given by Lucy Jones (Caltech) and Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research).

For CoE students, a funding opportunity could be the CoE Professional Co-Curricular Experience Funding Grant. https://studentaffairs.engin.umich.edu/graduate-student-co-curricular-experiences-funding/

For Rackham students, there is the Rackham Professional Development Grant.

Rackham Professional Development Grants