What is the MUSE Conference?

  • Began in 2015, the Michigan University-wide Sustainability and Environment (MUSE) Conference is an annual student-led conference aimed at bringing together the immense array of sustainability and environment-related research ongoing at the University of Michigan, with the goal of fostering connections and new collaborations across the disciplines.


Who is our audience? 

  • U-M researchers at all stages of their career (undergrad, Masters, Ph.D., faculty, staff) and from all three U-M campuses who seek a variety of ways to engage with environment- and sustainability-related research;
  • collaborators and sponsors of U-M sustainability programs and projects;
  • practitioners, community members, and anyone who wish to engage in and learn about ongoing sustainability-related research at U-M.


What are the conference objectives?

  • create opportunities to network with researchers across disciplines;
  • showcase sustainability and environment-related research;
  • facilitate interdisciplinary conversations that wouldn’t exist elsewhere;
  • challenge existing ideas of sustainability and move toward praxis. 


What kind of experiences do we want attendees to have? 

  • a variety of formal and informal opportunities that allow participants to enhance their own research in new ways;
  • engage in topical conversations that go beyond Q&A; 
  • develop a sense of community and fun with fellow participants. 


What are the desired impacts and outcomes for the MUSE 2021 Conference? 

  • build relationships that allow for continued conversations beyond the conference as well as future collaboration;
  • spark new ideas on environment- and sustainability-related research;
  • inspire attendees to continue to engage in the MUSE community;
  • empower attendees to take individual or collective sustainable actions.