In 2019, our conference focus was on sustainability and environmental challenges, which led to many great round-table discussions among participants!
Our guest speakers were Perrin Selcer (History), Anna White (IOE), Caitlin Drummond (Erb), Barry Rabe (Ford), and Missy Stults (City of Ann Arbor). Thank you again for your participation!

The focus themes were:

  • Food systems
  • Policy, Politics, and Governance
  • Materials and Waste
  • Environmental Communication
  • Urban Systems and Infrastructure
  • Business and Sustainability
  • Public Impact
  • Health
  • Energy

The program is available here.


In 2018 we were honored by Professor Susan Scotti Parrish providing our keynote address titled The Flood Year 1927: A Case for Interdisciplinary Environmental History.

The presentation sessions ranged themes including:

  • Environmental Risk and Behavior
  • Environmental Decision-Making and Policy
  • Urban Environments and Infrastructure
  • Land Use and Land Cover Change
  • Energy Norms and Futures
  • Sustainable Food and Agriculture
  • Perceptions of Science and the Environment

The program is available here.


2017 was our inaugural conference and was a huge success.

The program is available here.