The Michigan University-wide Sustainability and Environment (MUSE) Conference is an annual conference and workshop aimed at bringing together the immense array of sustainability and environment-related research ongoing at the University of Michigan.


MUSE Conference 2018 will be held February 14-15, 2018 in Ann Arbor at the University League.


MUSE will bring together University leadership, faculty, fellows, and graduate students for a mixture of interdisciplinary lectures, panel discussions, poster sessions, and network- and skill-building activities. Opportunities will be provided to present both early-stage and final findings from research. Participation among researchers at all stages of their careers (early to senior) will allow new opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and learning about new developments in fields relevant to your work.


The purpose of the conference is to foster connections and new collaborations across the broad suite of sustainability and environment-related research at the University of Michigan. We welcome participation from those advancing knowledge through work in the humanities and the social, physical, natural, and engineering sciences. Faculty, research fellows, and graduate students are encouraged to attend.


MUSE is spearheaded by a group of PhD students from the SEAS, CLASP, IOE, and Political Science. Funding is made possible by SEAS, COE, the MUSE RIW,  CLASP, Political Science  and numerous other campus programs and initiatives have provided logistical and outreach support to make this event possible.


A huge thank you to our sponsors